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Krisana Kraisintu
Rector of College of Oriental Medicine and Honorary Dean of Faculty of Pharmacy, Rangsit University, Thailand


  • Bachelor degree in Pharmacy from Chiengmai University, Thailand, 1975
  • M.Sc. in Pharmaceutical Analysis from Strathclyde University, U.K., 1978  
  • Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical Chemistry from University of Bath, U.K., 1981
  • Honorary Degree of Doctor of Science (DSc.) from Mount Holyoke College, USA,        May 2005
  • Honorary Degree of Doctor of Pharmacy from Chiengmai University, Thailand,

           January 2006

  • Honorary Degree of Doctor of Science (DSc.)from Strathclyde University, U.K.,         June 2006
  • Honorary Degree of Doctor of Science (DSc.)from University of Bath, U.K., July 2009.
  • Honorary Degree of Doctor of Pharmacy from Prince of Songkla University, Thailand, September 2009
  • Honorary Degree of Doctor of Science (DSc.) from King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology, Ladkrabang, Thailand, November 2010


Work Experience:

1981 – 1983: Lecturer in Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Prince of Songkla University

1983 – 2002: Director of Research and Development Institute, Government Pharmaceutical

                     Organization (GPO), Thailand

2003 – 2006: Pharmaceutical Consultant for action medeor, a German Aid organization which

                     is a non-profit organization dealing with local production and distribution of

                     medicines in Africa

2006 – 2010: Pharmaceutical Consultant in the transfer of technology for local production of

                     anti-malarial and anti-retroviral drugs in 17 African countries

2011 – 2012: Dean of Faculty of Pharmacy, Rangsit University, Thailand

2013 – present: Rector of College of Oriental Medicine and Honorary Dean of Faculty of

                        Pharmacy, Rangsit University, Thailand

November 2013 – present: President of The Medicinal Mushroom and Natural Products Association

                                           of Thailand

19 August 2014 – present: Board Member of The Government Pharmaceutical Organization (GPO),




            In December 2009, Professor Krisana Kraisintu was bestowed the Decoration “The most admirable Order of the Direkgunabhorn”. It was created by His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej of Thailand on 22 July 1991 to reward the individuals who devote themselves and their actions for the benefits of the country, the religion and the people of Thailand.


Awards and Achievements

  • A Gold Medal at Eureka 50th World Exhibition of Innovation, Research and New Technology, Brussel, Belgium, 2001.
  • “Global Scientific Award 2004” by The Letten Foundation as a recognition of Professor Kraisintu’s outstanding scientific contribution in the field of HIV/AIDS.
  • Reminders Day AIDS Award 2005 (ReD Awards) in Berlin, Germany, August 2005.
  • “2007 speaker for the Chancellor’s Distinguished Lectureship Series”, Louisiana State University’s premier lecture series, Louisiana State University, USA, April 2007.
  • “Asian of the Year 2008” selected by Reader’s Digest Magazine, January 2008.                   Her profile was published in the magazine’s different languages editions in 26 countries around the world.
  • The Prime Minister’s Office of Thailand has awarded Professor Kraisintu “an outstanding individual of Thailand in the field of Social Development for the year 2008”.
  • “Citizen Hero Award” by Sanya Thammasak Institute for Democracy, University of Thammasart, Thailand, March 2009.
  • “Honorary Pharmacist” by Hospital Pharmacists’ Society of Thailand, May 2009.
  • “Ramon Magsaysay Award for 2009 in Public Service” (Asia’s equivalent of the Nobel Prize) in acknowledgment of her placing pharmaceutical rigor at the service of patients, through her determined and fearless devotion to producing much needed-generic drugs in Thailand and elsewhere in the developing world, 31 August 2009.
  • “Quality Persons 2010 in Science award” from Foundation of The Scientific and Technological Council of Thailand (FSTT), Ministry of Science and Technology,                19 October 2010.
  • “An outstanding lady on the international arena award       2010” by the Ministry of Social Development and Human Security of Thailand on the occasion of 100th year of the International Women’s Day (8th March), 27 October 2010.
  • The Royal Thai Government selected Professor Kraisintu as one of the most prominent figures in Thai Society and televised her interview in Thailand’s State of the Union 2012 programme nationwide.
  • Professor Dr. Krisana Kraisintu was bestowed a plague of honour by H.R.H. Princess Maha Chakri Siridhorn as Distinguished Thai Lady for the year 2013 on August 1st, the annual Thai Lady Day. Professor Kraisintu was unanimously selected in recognition of her pharmaceutical role in the service of humanity and as a role model for Thai Society and the young generations.
  • Professor Dr. Krisana Kraisintu was selected by the United Nations to be “One of the World’s Women of Achievement”, nominated by UN Women Regional Office for Asia and Pacific and the article about her titled “The Good Doctor” was published on the website of UN Women worldwide on 22 May 2014.